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What people are saying about The Golf Bike


Best new thing I saw at the PGA Show. The Golf Bike. Play fast and get a workout. Pretty cool.

Butch Harmon Testimonial

The Golf Bikes have been a hit at Killearn Country Club. They have brought in more players to the course and have resulted in a lot of good publicity for us.  I have also noticed that they leave no trace whatsoever on the turf. As a superintendent, I appreciate the thoughtful design features of The Golf Bike and the attention to detail that makes it such a great product to help grow the game of golf.

The golf bike has been a great addition to the Vail Golf Club.  In a resort and fitness-minded community such as Vail, Colorado, it has been a big hit with both visiting guests and local clientele alike.  People on the fence of whether to play golf or go for a bike ride can now accommodate both.  In an era in which every person working in the golf industry is looking for a way to grow interest and participation in the game of golf, it has really spiked additional interest in Vail Golf Club.  The golf bikes have absolutely no down-side to them from a golf course maintenance standpoint.  From day one, our operation has been able to treat the bikes just as we treat our golf carts, with respect to path restrictions and impacts on course conditions.  In fact, the bikes are more condition-friendly than a golf cart simply based on the fact that with added rolling resistance from turf over cart paths, our bike users typically head straight back to the cart path after hitting their shot, versus many of our cart users that often stay on the turf and drive the entire length of the golf hole.   Any day of the week, I can find damage on the golf course attributed to carts, but cannot ever say the same about the bike.  I haven’t had to give it a second thought since our Director of Golf, Alice Plain, introduced them in 2014.

Scott Todd

The Vail Golf Club purchased four Golf Bikes for the 2014 season. We were excited about this new concept of biking on the course. Our plan was a “test” for the summer to see how the bikes would integrate with walkers and carts as well as the impact on the golf course. We have been renting the bikes for seven weeks now, and they have been a huge success.

Everyone I talk to when they are coming off the 18th green has mentioned how fun the Golf Bike was! A woman said the other day how good she felt after playing 18 holes riding the bike. They felt better after their round than when riding an electric cart!

As a manager of the Vail Golf Club, I was concerned with many possible challenges we would have this summer by offering the Golf Bike. However, after renting them for the past two months, my fears have not transpired. Golfers have been respectful of the course, pace of play has been good, and golfers are having a great time.

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Probably the most brilliant concept from this year’s show.

Jason Myiroie Testimonial

(The Golf Bike) is something I would definitely use. You got my attention.

Greg Kraft Testimonial